2017 -2018 Hunting Season

Because of the improvements in antler development at Weather Rock Ranch, we have decided our pricing schedule will be based on the gross B&C score of the antlers measured at harvest and not the total point count.  Georgia and I have seriously thought about this and believe this method is the most fair and honest way to determine the final cost of your buck and hunt.  Example:  Some 10 point bucks are trophies, while other 10 point bucks can be considered only  management bucks.  All bucks will be mature when harvested, usually 5 years old and up.  As always, lodging and meals are complimentary,  with one on one daily guide service.  Below please find total pricing for the  deer hunts beginning September 30, 2017.

The price of the hunt is $3750.00.  This will include a buck 140 B&C inches or less plus does and varmints.

If the buck you harvest gross scores more  than 140 B&C inches, the total price of the hunt is listed below:

>140 inches to 145 inches – $4250.00

>145 inches to 150 inches – $4500.00

>150 inches to 155 inches – $4750.00

>155 inches to 160 inches – $5000.00

>160 inches to 165 inches – $5500.00

>165 inches and up              -$6500.00

All hunts  include does (number determined by the MLD survey completed this fall) and varmints.  Your guide will do his  best to rough score your buck in the field, but the final gross B&C score determines the final cost of your hunt.  When you take the shot, you commit to that price.

Your buck will be measured with you present.  You may also have the buck scored by our taxidermist if you decide to have it picked up before your departure home.

If your buck gross scores more than 140 B&C inches, the difference in price is due and payable at the conclusion of your hunt.

Non-Hunting Guests – $150/day



April 01, 2017 – May 14, 2017
3-Day All Inclusive Spring Turkey Hunt – $1875.00  (INCLUDES 2 MATURE RIO GRANDE TOMS PLUS THE DAILY ONE ON ONE GUIDE SERVICE @ $125.00/day, LODGING AND MEALS.)

Non-Hunting Guests – $150/day


Weather Rock Ranch - Robert Lee, Texas

Weather Rock Ranch

Weather Rock Ranch

7301 N State Hwy 208
Robert Lee TX 76945

7301 N State Hwy 208
Robert Lee TX 76945

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