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Weather Rock Ranch in West Texas


     Weather Rock Ranch is a privately owned, 1200 acre, “high-fenced” ranch, located in the scenic hills of west Texas.  The ranch is 40 miles northwest of San Angelo, near the small town of Robert Lee. Weather Rock Ranch consistently produces trophy whitetails and large Rio Grande turkeys by implementing an aggressive and strict management program. We also offer exotic hunts on select ranches in the area.  Weather Rock  Ranch has been awarded a Level 3 Managed Land Deer permit through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and has been participating in this program for the past 13 years.  Weather Rock Ranch was also awarded the 2017 Conservation Rancher Of  The Year award for Coke County, Texas. Our management program consists of a 16% to 20% protein pellet, fed year round, corn, alfalfa hay and fresh water.  Water is plentiful throughout the ranch and is produced by windmills, natural springs, solar pumps and gravity fed stock tanks. The ranch terrain consists of mesquite flats with rocky/cedar elevations. There is an abundance of natural cover. Even though the ranch is “high fenced”, the hunts are extremely challenging.   All game has total access to the entire property.  Our young bucks are allowed to mature while adult bucks that do not meet a strict criteria are harvested as necessary, along with does to keep the ratios in check. Clients are encouraged to bring large coolers to take home plenty of venison for the freezer. We are actively engaged in all aspects of the hunting and wildlife operations of the ranch from setting up wildlife resource management practices to promoting and outfitting our hunts. We offer only 6 to 8 trophy whitetail hunts each year and hunt a maximum of 3 hunters on each hunt.  The ranch is never over hunted. We have greatly increased the natural genetics on the ranch with our strict management practices. Weather Rock Ranch has also introduced additional  trophy genetics by releasing some phenomenal tagged breeding animals.  The deer hunts allow for the harvest of one trophy buck plus does and varmints.  The doe harvest is regulated by our biologist recommendations. Hunts are conducted out of elevated Atascosa deer blinds, always with ONE on ONE guide service.  We also offer horn rattling and spot/stalk hunting. Bobcats, coyotes and feral hogs are included in the hunt, at no extra charge.

    During the spring, the ranch offers 3 day Rio Grande turkey hunts. Two mature gobblers are permitted each hunter, along with the harvesting of varmints. You may call your own birds or if necessary, a guide and caller can be retained.  Your turkey license and tags are already included in your Texas deer license, which is an extra bonus.


Karen from Florida harvested this gorgeous buck during the 2017 hunting season.

Karen from Florida harvested this gorgeous buck during the 2017 hunting season.




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